Saturday, August 30, 2008

!!! SHOWTIME !!!

!!! SHOWTIME !!!

Quilting Scene is a fresh new website being created to showcase patterns for designs all around the world.

First we show our favorites: Egypt, America and Africa. So far, we have created about 100 new cultural designs. Today starts our first conversation with you about what we will offer. We are making patterns that help you create elegant, unique interiors and unusual clothing fashions.

This is where we can talk about our experiences while we get these designs ready for you. We want to meet you here and encourage you to show us what you are making from our patterns. From the designs you show us, we will pick one or two for a monthly showcase so that everyone can see all your hard work.

Speaking of "HARD WORK" -- although we made loads of beautiful designs, we've discovered that making the patterns simple, and creating well-explained thoroughly illustrated directions is a lot of work! lol I bet we will all dream of "Figure 1" and "Pattern Piece 4b" and linings and interfacings all mixed up with whatever other action is going on in sleepland every night!

Part of the hard work is the tons of research that goes into each project. We use some of it for a "Cultural Sheet" we put inside each pattern so you know a bit about what you are making. When people come to your home and see your lovely projects, we want you to know exactly what to tell them about the origin of what you have created.

Quilting Scene designs also have their own 3-page "Planning Sheets" to help you know exactly what you have purchased and collected into one place before you begin your project. These Planning Sheets are great to take along when shopping for supplies -- you can keep track of what you still need to get. There's loads more but we'll tell you about that next time...

Careful! Don't step too close over there -- This is still a construction site!! LOL...